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Who We Are

About Us

Who We Are

With an experience of over 18 years, at LCS we develop, implement and monitor entry strategies to India. A strong team of over 50 in house professionals at Bengaluru and a passion for excellence, along with the highest standards reliability, inclusiveness and transparency characterize our business dealings.

From Technology, Finance, Data Analytics, Business advisory, LCS is synonymous with reliability and international best practices as it provides handholding in a complex jurisdiction. We have built trusted and enduring partnerships by providing integrated solutions for setting up business, sourcing the correct skill sets and managing your finance and other support functions.

A vibrant cross functional and multi-disciplinary team headed by a dynamic leadership consistently ensure efficient results while a broad reach and expertise makes us the preferred choice of both SME’s and Fortune 500 companies across industries.

We respect knowledge, talent and gender neutrality among our work force, inspiring confidence and creating ideation.


Transparency, trust, professionalism, integrity builds our value system. We under take the responsibility and accountability and committed to excellence in client service. These are all reflected in our work ethics and enhance our credibility.

Our Strengths

Our core strengths are our resources, systems, processes and professionalism. Well-structured and balanced teams with domain specialization are guided by visionary leaders who possess expertise and experience to ensure excellent client service.

Efficient processes and effective communication systems ensure quality service, timely delivery and cost optimized efficiency

Our continuous relationship with clients comes from an ability to listen and respond with transparency and integrity. Employee friendly policies, continuous learning through in-house technical seminars and peer knowledge-sharing sessions as well as regular participation in seminars ensure that we are constantly upgrading our expertise and sharpening our skills.

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